The Impact Factor

Every community has unique assets, needs, cultures, and priorities. Identifying these characteristics is easy; creating impact isn't. Our PLAN. DO. IMPACT process predicates itself on the accurate prediction of a community's readiness to invest in The New Economy.

New programs, initiatives, projects or policies often fail due to lack of buy-in or participation from targeted audiences. Community apathy leaves many decision makers scratching their heads asking, "We engaged the community and asked them what they needed and wanted. Why aren't they showing up for the programs"?

Yes. The community told you what they wanted. But, were they ready to execute the identified priorities?

*Impact Partners utilizes a trademarked three-question Community Passion Index during the community engagement phase to predict the community's readiness to act on the agreed investment priorities. We carefully pivot the strategy accordingly, saving you money, time and the embarrassment of community apathy.