Communities that want to be relevant in this new economy need to pay attention to more than low costs, low taxes, and a business friendly community. Job opportunities was the lead indicator for relocation. Today, it's a community's quality of life that has a major influence on where people choose to live. Communities must begin investing in quality of life issues to stay competitive. Is your community ready for the new economy?

Change occurs when people are ready to change, not when investors, Boards of Directors or funders want them to. An understanding of community readiness allows you to tailor new strategies to what the community is willing to accept and get involved in. Discover the power of readiness.    


The New Economy



The New Economy is simply this:  When communities invest in cross-generational Quality of Life assets and infrastructure, their economies grow. Period. Quality of Life investment bolstered by health & wellness, clean environment, recreation, arts & culture, and high livability standards makes daily life more enjoyable, increases social cohesion and is good for the economy.