IMPACT partners, GENERIS CAPITAL & OLTRE VENTURE reinvest in iRaiser, european leader in fundraising

Paris, June 16, 2022 – iRaiser, Europe’s leading non-profit fundraising company, has raised €2.5 million from its financial investors and founder Jan Evers to complete the acquisition of Kentaa, a leading competitor in the Netherlands.

Founded in 2012, iRaiser provides complete white-label donation collection solutions 100% dedicated to non-profit organisations. Since 2012, the solutions developed by iRaiser have raised more than €1.7 billion in 18 countries on behalf of its clients, including Unicef, Amnesty International, WWF and Oxfam. iRaiser currently employs nearly 60 people from 14 different countries, with offices in France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The merger with Kentaa, which was made official on 8 June, will enable the two companies to capitalise on their mutual expertise and strengthen their position on the European market: Kentaa is the market leader in the Netherlands and also operates in Germany and Belgium. Kentaa is the market leader in the Netherlands, but also operates in Germany and Belgium. The company has helped more than 300 clients with their fundraising efforts since 2011. Together with Kentaa, iRaiser will serve more than 700 clients across Europe.

“We are delighted to expand our community of fundraising experts with the acquisition of Kentaa. In the coming months, we will focus on our common mission: to engage with the people who are changing the world. As a result, there will be no major operational changes,” commented Emmanuel Chaumeau, CEO of iRaiser.

“We have been supporting iRaiser for nearly four years and are pleased to help the group reach a new milestone with this acquisition, which consolidates its European leadership. iRaiser and Kentaa share strong values and the desire to put digital technology at the service of the charity world and non-profit organisations,” said Thibaut de Roux, President of Generis Capital Partners.

“The acquisition of Kentaa confirms iRaiser’s position as the European leader in charitable fundraising. It is a perfect illustration of our strategy of actively supporting companies with a strong social impact in areas as important as external growth and European development,” said Abderzak Sifer, Associate Director at IMPACT partners.