IMPACT partners sells its shares in Urbilog, a specialist in digital accessibility, whose workforce has increased fivefold in 10 years

March 3, 2023 – After 10 years of fruitful cooperation, IMPACT Partners, the first European platform dedicated to impact investing, is selling its stake in Urbilog, a leading player in digital accessibility for people with disabilities.

For IMPACT Partners, this sale is the culmination of a “patient capital” investment strategy. Over the period, the company has increased its workforce fivefold and now has 50 employees.

Urbilog has become the specialist in digital accessibility for people with disabilities, both in terms of adapting content and enabling professional integration.

Initially known as a cybercafé, Urbilog became an IT services company specialising in digital accessibility in the 2000s. Urbilog is based on a simple idea: to give access to the web to all, by relying on the technical expertise of its co-founders, including that of Mathieu Froidure, who has been blind since the age of 18. The activities include auditing and consulting phases to make digital services accessible, assistance with digital design with IT services, training and coaching aimed at recruiting people who are far from employment and in a handicap situation, and finally, a reflection on the ergonomics of digital technology in general.

“Urbilog has been transformed in 10 years with the support of IMPACT partners. Last month, we participated in a stage of the Impactful Purchasing Tour organised by IMPACT partners within the Crédit Agricole Nord de France bank, a group for which we have worked a lot on training and accessibility issues,” explains Mathieu Froidure, Urbilog’s president.

Urbilog has many prestigious clients to its credit, including the Ministry of the Interior, FDJ, the Ministry of Justice, Microsoft, Hermès, RATP and Amundi.

“We are pleased to have been able to support Urbilog in its change of scale and we are convinced that BNP PAM will allow this great project to continue. We would like to thank the company’s management for this partnership, as well as Mathieu Froidure, Michel Hoël and Benoît Thieffry for their trust, 10 years ago” explain Mathieu Cornieti and Abderzak Sifer from IMPACT partners.