Montessori21 - Nanterre, France

We are engaged for

Promoting a JUST transition


We are engaged for a transition to net zero where no-one is left behind

As founding partner of the “Just Transition Challenge” lead by the Impact Investing Institute and the G7 impact task Force, we focus our investment strategy to deliver 3 critical elements of a just transition:

  • Advancing climate and environmental action
    For example, greenhouse gas emission mitigation, reduction and removal
  • Improving socio-economic distribution and equity
    For example, inclusive opportunities for decent jobs
  • Increasing community voices
    Through, for example, engagement and dialogue with affected communities that are often excluded and marginalised



Their profiles:

  • Market leaders with strong competitive advantages and a genuine international strategy, or with strong development ambitions, leveraging external growth to consolidate their markets
  • Company’s turnover between €5m and €200m
  • Proven business model

Our criteria:

  • Reference shareholder (minority or majority)
  • Profitable growth financing
  • Growth capital fund-raising with financial leverage, if necessary
  • Investment tickets of €5-15m alone and €50m with our co-investors

Our contribution:

  • High reinvestment capacity (up to €15m)
  • International expertise thanks to our local teams in Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Copenhagen and soon in Milan
  • Strong build-up know-how, especially cross-border one
  • A unique network of local authorities and public-sector players

But also:

  • Impact structuring, with the right indicators
  • ESG strategy Measurement (WEIMPACTINDEX®) and CSR Action Plan definition
  • Connecting you with our inclusion & disability networks and our community events.



Supporting business models with great social impacts

We invest in companies with a clear social impact and a commitment towards entrepreneurs to support them being greener and more inclusive.